About Intellithon

  1. 1 What is Intellithon?

    It is a unique activity and competition platform for children. Children can compete and participate in 30 different categories every month, from the comfort of their homes.

  2. 2 How it helps?

    Helps in developing self-confidence, IQ, focus and creativity. Improves reading, writing, verbal and thinking skills. Child feels fresh, active, engaged and motivated. Keeps away from bad effect of TV and mobile games.

  3. 3 In how many categories can my child participate?

    All 30 categories.

List of Activities


Sapna Satyam

The perfect App for child's growth

Yamshi Kidwai

A great platform to keep my child busy

Nagamani Chittari

Interesting and creative activities to engage my child


Good platform for children

Kanika Gupta

My child loves participating in the activities and has learnt a lot

Babita Srivastava

Amazing platform, has helped my child to hone his skills

Monthly Rewards

  1. 1 The Leaders - Top 5 positions in leaderboard

  2. 2 The Best - Activity star of the month

  3. 3 Category Winners - Best activity in each category

The Leaders

1st Position - Rs 500
2nd Position - Rs 400
3rd Position - Rs 300
4th Position - Rs 200
5th Position - Rs 100

The Best

Activity star
of the month

Rs 1000


Rs 200 for the best
activity in each